HUM CHAAR Facts & Review


    Story of HUM CHAAR: Four pals, who’re separated by an untoward incident throughout their university existence, meet four years after for a unique motive.


    Review: HUM CHAAR Given the anxious lives of medial college students, it’s far a chunk strange that the four protagonists in HUM CHAAR hardly ever are involved approximately their grades. But that’s okay, due to the fact they may be there to entertain the target audience. But do they control to do so? Not all the time. In reality, simply as we start witnessing the bonding among the four, the first half of is over, which is also the high-quality half of the film. The 2nd half of drags on for a great one hour, and there is not loads to study there.

    But the film has its moments. There is a few chemistry among the 4 buddies however those moments are very few. The film HUM CHAAR also marks the debut of Prit Kamani, Anshuman Malhotra, Tushar Pandey and Simran Sharma. Kamani has display presence and acts his scenes properly, so does Simran Sharma. Anshuman Malhotra and Tushar Pandey play loud characters, and Malhotra’s position is barely better than Pandey, despite the fact that each their characters are just caricatures of students. There isn’t any actual spark in any single character to stand out. However, the manufacturing values inside the movie are commendable and so is the cinematography by Varun Sud.


    Given that the film has launched in the course of the valentine’s week, it may pique hobbies of young, college-going students. However, they have to realize that their personal lives, however dull, will appear more exciting and interesting when compared with those characters.

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